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July 2017


Mac's Theatre School tackled this enormous task of a play with pure imagination and creativity.
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The set design was intimate, with slick and effective scene changes to transport us to each location. Neverland and Darling household scenes were in parallel as a semiotic between reality and fantasy. 

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Another wonderful performance by Macs Theatre. Well done everyone - what a talented bunch of kids we have in one theatre group

Wow!! Well done everyone....we did it!! I'm so so so proud of you all! Thank you to everyone for making this experience truly amazing, we've all become so close and I'm going to miss you all so much!

Amazing show.....all of the hard work paid off!!!! Well done to everyone involved front and back stage!!!! X

Well done guys, the show was incredible. Felt so weird seeing it from the other side, wish I could have been in it. You are all so talented

Well done everyone! So so proud of you all! Such a pleasure to be part of a company filled with ambitious, daring, genuine and extremely talented people!

Loved loved loved the show tonight & wish I could have been in it! Well done everyone

Well done everyone! Another fantastic performance - you were all brilliant and the set was amazing. You should be very proud

Can I just say what a fabulous show. Every single performer gave it their all and were fabulous. The setting of the Jolly Roger was worthy of the West End. You always have such great vision of how you see the productions you do.

I'm honestly struggling to find the words for how I feel about this week. I'll just say that you all did such a stellar job and I was so proud to have my friends and family seeing all this talent on display

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Characters & Cast

Our Cast:

Wendy- Bliss Sibley-Greenslade

Peter- Jasmine Buck

Captain Hook- Rosie Boother

Tink- Verity Shah

Tiger Lily- Maisie Burch

John- Olivia Halpin

Michael- Matthew Waters

Tom- Olly Flynn

Mrs Darling- Emily Caslin

Mr Darling- Joe McMillian

Doc Giles/Crocodile- Lottie Howarth  

Smee- Matthew Newcombe/ Maddie Butler

Martin- Zoe Price

Doc Swain- Robyn Tilley

Murt- Charlie Tilley

Skylights- Nedd Callis

Knock-Bone Jones- Beth Coleman

Nibs- Bertie Callis

Tootles- Beth Bell

Slightly- Maia Burgess

Curly- Maisie Green

Lost Boys, Pirates:

Maisie Frost, Sophie Romans, Zara Fortune, Ella Phillips, Amelia Romain, Ruby O’Sullivan.


Jemima McGrath, Grace Sheridan, Mila Callis, Louisa G, Tom Mullings, Emily Marsh.   

I thought this choice of dance was so beautiful and even added to the mystic feel of the show along with fight scenes choreographed by Thomas Mullings, which again added this sense of excitement and fantasy.

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