Disneyland Paris 

19th - 22nd October 2017


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 On the 20th October 2017, Mac's Theatre School performed a musical medley at Disneyland Paris. To be able to perform there we had to pass the strict audition process Disney have to allow us a 20 minute slot on one of their main stages in the heart of the park. The show was a huge success with Disney praising our efforts and the talent we have as a theatre school. All members of staff were very proud of what the students had achieved. After the performance, we all watched 'Mickey & the Magician' then spent the next day and half enjoying everything Disney had to offer. Below are a few images from the trip along with some quotes from the students who went on the trip. 


"This weekend has been so amazing! Thank you @macs_theatre for giving us the chance to perform at such an amazing place"

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 "Missin' Disney more than anything :( most amazing few days with the best people - thank you so much  "


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"Had such an amazing weekend, wanna go back so bad! Thankyou to everyone who made it such a wonderful trip!!!"


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"Thank you all for giving our kids such a fantastic experience!"


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"Amazing time with some amazing people. Thank u to everyone for making it such a memorable trip"


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