Beauty & the Beast (Feb 2017) 


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 Our Cast



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The Narrator – Sophie Davis Burch 

The Baker – Emily Caslin 

Aristocratic Lady –  Megan Turnidge 

Fish Man – Emily Lawson 

Egg Man – Lily Randall

Sausage Curl Girl – Georgia Phillips

Lady with Cane – Jermima Mcgrath 

Lady with baby – Charlie Tilley 

Candle man – Jamie Dyer

Hat seller – Maddie Butler 

Milkmaid – Jermima McGrath 

Shepard boy –Maia Burgess 

Singing solos in songs

Be Our Guest 

Flatware (sings a lot with Lemiere) – Annabel Bigland 

BOG Singers (multiple) Cora Warren, Maia Burgess, Verity Shah, Jermima McGrath, Maisie Burch 


Beast -  Alfie Kerr

Lemiere – Bliss SG

Mrs Potts -  Annabel Bigland 

Cogsworths – Megan Turnidge 

Maise Burch

Maia Burgess

Maddie Butler

Emily Caslin

Sophie Davis Burch

Jamie Dyer

Louisa Geraght

Maise Green
Joey Eardley Ford

Lottie Howarth

Molly Howarth

Amy Jupp

Jermima McGrath

Ella Phillips  

Georgia Phillips 

Zoe Price

Lily Randall

Issy Ridout

Verity Shah

Ruby Shergold

Esme Sibley Greenslade

Charlie Tilley

Cora Wareen 

Emily Weaver

Cerys Wrobel

Kizzy Wylie

Beth Coleman 

Emily Lawson 

Nedd Callis